Friday, 24 December 2010


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all the fans that have supported Dianes fan site over this last year, as always keep checking back for information on Dianes latest projects, a special thanks to Matt for all his great comments, may there be many more,

Mark and of course Diane


Joe L. said...

How great to see this site. I went to college with Diane and lived on the same floor with her in Rubin Residence Hall. We were friends although she was often MIA because of filming for The Last American Virgin. Sunny smile, nice person. I'm glad to see she is well. Joe

Rob A said...

Hi Diane (and Mark - I'll get to you later ;) ).

Diane, I'm sure you remember me from high school (POBHS) - Rob Antis. We were in choir together and of course the Drama Cadets prods of "Guys and Dolls" (I was Brandy Bottle Bates, 'following the fold') and "How to Succeed" (I was Mr. Twimble in the mailroom with Jeff Rhodes' Pierpont Finch - doing it "the company way). Who wasn't jealous of Jeff? He got to kiss you!

But just in case that doesn't jog your memory, you lent me a blonde wig so I could be a cheerleader for the choir's Halloween party in 1978. Mr. Friese, the choir director, was Darth Vadar!

Well, ok, I'm sure you must remember me now!

I'm really happy to be in touch with you. Like many others, I've followed your career as much as possible (even though I've lived in Yurp for 20 years now), and I have very fond memories of the shows and concerts we were in together. Whenever I visit friends in Plainview, your name always comes up!

Diane and Mark, thanks for putting together this website. It's about time. :) There was another fansite a few years ago, and I posted some pictures of our "Guys and Dolls" there. I also sent a couple of "personal notes" to you, Diane, but that website kept getting attacked and was often offline, and I guess the owner finally took it down. So I don't know if you even got my messages.

But anyway...You were always my favorite 80s actress (and not just because we were friends!), and I always hoped to see more of you on tv or film. But that's the way life goes sometimes.

But I want you to know that whenever your films and tv appearances come on tv, I always watch them. I particularly liked your episode of "Providence".

Something I admired about you in school - that you kept your professional life separate, and you were always the nicest and sweetest, normal girl one could know.

I'm so glad to know you're still working. I read somewhere that you also taught acting, and now your daughter is following in your footsteps. I watched the clip on imdb of Lass, and she looks exactly like you as a teenager! I'm gonna check out your Toon Wolf series, too.

I'm looking forward to your bio, whenever you have it published.

(By the way, I've been trying to track down anyone who has copies of the films of our shows and/or concerts. Doug and Anna's parents (I won't mention their last name here) always filmed them and it would be great to get copies. So if you have them - or know someone with them, please let me know.)

You can contact me at catflap001 [at] hotmail [dot] com. I'd love to hear from you. I don't use gmail. Please keep in touch, if you can.

Again, Mark - thanks for making this website. I'll try and dig out those HS show photos for you.

Take care, Diane - I wish you and your daughter much success in your projects. But please don't stay too long off our screens! Happy New Year!

Mark said...

Hi Rob, thanks for your comments, and yes if you find the pictures let me know, I would love to put some on my site, I too used to look at Dianes site and found it was always down so I decided to set up my own, Diane contacted me last year after she had seen my site and was impressed a guy from England and yes I said England would set up a fan site for her, but hey Im the biggest fan,Diane reads all the comments and even replies to some, Im sure she will be pleased to hear from you, I will let her know you contacted me, if you find the pics let me know your email addy and I will send you mine that way you can email me some copies, cheers mate.

Rob A said...
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Matt said...

Hi, Mark!

I've been busy checking to see if there's any new postings on YouTube regarding Diane. The most recent is "Toon Wolf 3", and here's the best part: Apparently there's more than one person adding "Toon Wolf 3" to the You Tube list. It looks as though it has become the most popular of the "Toon Wolf" series, which is fantastic!

I'm also glad to see that a couple of Diane's former classmates have left messages. Hopefully more of her former classmates from high school and/or college will check out this site.

I hope the new year is going well for you so far. I'm sure that you've heard about what happened in Tucson, AZ. Hopefully things will get better over here in the States. Those folks in Tucson will need a lot of time to heal after that.

Well, that's all for now. I just wanted to check in and say "hi". I'll post a birthday message for Diane next month and thank you for giving me an honorable mention in your last posting. Hopefully Diane will post a new message soon about more events that she will be attending.

Take Care.

Your Friend,

Anonymous said...

Hi Diane - Just wanted to let you know that the line up for the next Chiller Theatre convention in New Jersey is currently being booked. As one East Coast fan speaking for many, we would love to have the chance to meet you !! Please consider. Take Care and God Bless: