Saturday, 6 November 2010

New link for you guys

Hi everyone here is the link, It is the moviefone interview for Better Off Dead,
it's a really fun interview for 80's fans!

Best Wishes


Matt said...

"Layne... I've been going to this high school for seven and a half years... I'm no dummy!"

Only Curtis Armstrong can say a line like this in such a convincing manner that you can't help but laugh hysterically. It reminds me of another great line that Johnny Depp said in "Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas" while trying to get away from an angry mob in front of a grocery store...
"You voted for Hubert Humphrey, and you killed Jesus!" LOL

The humor of "Better Off Dead" is equally infectious. And like "Fear And Loathing", the more you watch it, the funnier it gets. I highly recommend it!

Anonymous said...

Please pretty please Diane can you somehow make a sequel of some sort say, 'Better off Alive'. NOTHING touches these kind of movies!

You KNOW a good movie when it passes the test of time,even today my family STILL play with the now well worn lines in Better of Dead:

1. "You wash your hands on your own time boy!" (fat employer to newly hired cusak)

2. "Christmas..Christmas" (Ricky's mom squeezing pretty Diane's cute little lips together)

3. "THIS..IS REAL SNOW!" (7yr in school dumbazz discovering snow on the ski hill)

To this day the theme song "arrested by you" is still in my MP3 player!LoVe that dreamy tuneage!
Though i often find myself fusterated why the heck layne would EVER go after that dumb broad Beth when mizz Franklin is right there!


Matt said...


Have you or Steve Holland heard from John Cusack lately about possibly re - releasing "Better Off Dead" on DVD with audio commentary from you, Curtis Armstrong and (possibly) John?

I mean, I knew that John was upset with Steve about the movie. But despite whatever problem John had with his character, surely he understands that B.O.D. has reached a level of iconic status that "Hot Tub Time Machine" hasn't (and probably won't, for that matter, lol - sorry).

Well, hopefully John's portrayal of one of my favorite writers (and fellow Virginian) Edgar Allen Poe will be worth the wait. And I hope that at some point Steve will re - release B.O.D. with a "special features" selection that includes audio commentary from you, John, Curtis, Amanda and whoever else from the cast that is available. Steve could even have a separate audio commentary included as well.

I hope you're doing well and it's great to see you working again.

Your Friend and Fan,

peter said...

Hey Diane.How's it going?You rock Diane,always

Hugs and kisses

Matt said...

Hi, Mark!

I just wanted to check in to let you know that "Toon Wolf 3" was the final installment of the series (YIKES! I didn't see that coming). Hopefully Abed Gheith and the rest of the "Toon Wolf" folks will be at work with new projects soon.

On a sadder note, I "celebrated" my 44th birthday this week... BLEAH!! I couldn't decide on what I wanted more - a birthday cake or a barf bag (LOL).

Well, that's all for now. I hope you're doing okay and I hope to hear from you soon.

- Your Friend, Matt.

Mark said...

Hi Matt and Happy Birthday, 44 eh not bad, still 4 behind me but I still feel like Im 18 lol, I gotta feelin (aint that the start of a song... hmm)that Toon Wolf will be back for series 4 and with a bit of Luck more from Diane, if there is then Im sure Diane will let us know, as always its a pleasure to read your messages, keep well my friend.

Matt said...

Hi, Mark!...

I'm not sure if you received my last posting. But in case you didn't, I'll give you a brief version...

Thank you for wishing me a happy birthday. I hope you're right about "Toon Wolf" and Diane's future involvement with it. There is also the possibility of Diane being invited to appear on TV again due to the increasing resurgence of other 80s actors and actresses returning to television (Michael J. Fox, Ally Sheedy, etc.) which is great! Hopefully Diane's name will be included on that list as well. I also misspelled Edgar Alan Poe's name in my last posting to Diane (10 November).

Well, that's all for now. I hope you're doing well and I hope to hear from you soon. - Your Friend, Matt.

Mark said...

Hi Matt, thanks for your message, Im just busy at the moment with christmas and all that lol, one question from me ( a thick english man) what do Americans celebrate thanks giving for? its always made me wonder, anyway back to my naughty or nice list, roll on christmas !! still payin for last year, bar humbug lol, Mark

Matt said...

Hi Mark!...

I just received your message today. In response to your question, I'll try to help you understand the modern American aspects of thanksgiving.

For some folks, thanksgiving still represents a day of families getting together and enjoying each other's company. for others, thanksgiving represents a day of looking back at their lives and reflecting on their blessings. And then there are those who celebrate thanksgiving for no other reason than to make gluttons of themselves eating turkey in the hopes that the tryptophan kicks in before they are forced to watch the Detroit Lions lose their annual football game on TV (LOL).

As for Christmas, I understand what you mean. I'm having to watch how much I spend in regards to gifts. You can always tell that the economy's bad when you see commercials with the message, "lottery tickets make GREAT Christmas gifts!"(LOL)

Well, that's all for now. Good luck with your Christmas shopping and I hope to hear from you and Diane soon.

- Your Friend, Matt.