Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Message from Diane

Hi to all my fans, I have some news. I am officially going to be attending the "Hollywood Collectors Show" in Burbank CA on April 24th and 25th. Hope to see you there.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for latest!
I wonder what that 'collectors' show is all to goggle

Micky said...

Hey Diane, That's great that your heading to the Hollywood Collectors show but what about doing an East Coast show? The biggest one near N.Y.C. is Chiller Theater. The yy have them twice annually. Also you might want to look into the Bg Apple Comic Con. I think that one is in late October here in N.Y.C. I'll know you would draw a large a crowd.

Gary said...

It's a shame I live in London as I would love to meet Diane.

I have only just discovered her after watching Better off Dead the other day and as soon as I saw her peaking through those net curtains I knew I was in love!

I am going through a bit of an 80's movie thing at the mo (although I am too young to have seen them the first time round - I was 2 when Better of Dead came out).

It's that curly hair!

This blog is great!!!


Oz_Quasar said...

Hi Diane
Paul from Australia here. How is it possible to get an autographed photo from you? (If at all?) I'd gladly make a donation or something if that's what it takes.
Many thanks!
By the way...I loved you AND hated you in "Last American Virgin" :)


Mark said...

Paul if you want a signed photo of Diane then send a self stamped addressed envelope to
CESD Talent Agency

c/o Diane Franklin
10635 Santa Monica Blvd., ste. #130
L.A., CA 90025

make it a large envelope mate too, cheers

Oz_Quasar said...

Many thanks Mark!
Shall do that immediately!
Appreciate the help :)