Thursday, 8 April 2010

Dianes biography

Hi People, Diane as you know is writing a biography about her life and would like all her fans to send in any questions they like about her films/career etc so if you have questions please send them to Diane here, many thanks.


Anonymous said...

I have 2 questions for Diane that might be useful for her biography.
First Question: Which Film or T.V. character was the most rewarding and/or challenging for her as an actress? Second Question: If she could pick any other career besides acting, what would it be and why?

Matt said...

I have two questions for Diane that might be helpful for her biography. First question: Which film or T.V. character was the most rewarding and/or challenging for you as an actress to play? Second question: If you could choose another profession that was just as rewarding as acting, what would it be and why? - Matt

Hery_(F4-Programmer) said...

i like it

Mary said...

I have 2 questions? Were your parents supportive in you being an actress? You were in a sitcom once, you appeared on. Would you do a sitcom or a reality show, perhaps? I loved you in, the last american virgin.

Anonymous said...

I was remembering a jingle today at work, and had to go on the internet to watch the old commercials. It was for Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. It was from 1980. I wondered if that might be you in the commercial? Thanks for the answer in advance, and good luck writing your book!

Elwood and Gabriela

Chad said...

I watched The Last American Virgin on cable the other night for the first time in years.. one of the best movies of its genre, as good as Fast Times at Ridgemont High, which came out the same year I think?
Two questions I've been pondering - was there an alternate ending made or was it always meant to be so sad? I can imagine the director had to fight with studio execs to keep the original ending.
Also, how nervewracking was it to do nudity at 18? Diane was/is absolutely gorgeous and her nude scenes were tasteful, but since it was your first big film role were you worried about typecasting?
thanks & take care

Crescendo said...

Things for a biography? From an actors perspective ... I think I especially like when certain memories or anecdotes from things that happened behind the scenes are shared. I don't know what makes fans so voyeuristic in nature, besides the fact that we are audience but 'que sera sera.'
Aside from the biography, I would like to publicly blame Diane for my weird fascination with French Girls ... thanks I guess :P
I was hit unexpectedly this last weekend. A beautiful girl spoke French to me and I went weak in the knees. I told her I would trade back rubs for 'language lessons'. Anyway, thanks to a childhood crush ... I got a great date. Cheers Diane!