Thursday, 6 October 2011

New update from Diane

Hi Everyone,

I am going to be at Chiller on Halloween weekend. I have finished my book and am having it edited now. I am going to either self-publish or look for a publisher to help me with larger distribution, In the meantime, I plan to have some special preview books that will be available at the show. These will be collectors items, as I have made them myself. After the show I will make an announcement on facebook and this site when the books will be available for sale. The books that are collectors items are REALLY cool! Nothing like anyone has ever seen! I will keep you posted:)

Best Wishes

Diane x


Mike said...

Good evening Mark/Diane,
First of all, thanks for putting this website together Mark. I have a strange question for Diane but wanted to share a funny story. Similar to a lot of people now approaching their 40's, my brothers, sister, and I all enjoyed Better Off Dead as it was one of the best movies of the 80's. The story was Christmas about 10 years ago. My younger brother had a picture of Ricky Smith that he had blown up to an 8x10. And of course, that was his Christmas present to his girlfriend at the time who also happened to love Better Off Dead. It was probably one of the funniest moments over the years at Christmas. We are all married with kids now but we still enjoy watching Better Off Dead when we all get together. Anyway, the question is in regards to Boiling Springs, PA. My roommate from Clemson University lives on a small mountain called White Rock. We had lunch several years back in a small tavern near the lake in Boiling Springs. There was an autographed pic of Diane on the wall in the tavern. When we asked about the pic, the waiter said that Diane had visited due to relatives in the area. I was just curious as what the connection was to that area.
I hope this message finds both of you doing well.
Take care,

Anonymous said...

Hey Diane,

Who is your talent rep? I've been trying to get a project of mine to your people for quite some time now but I'm not having any luck.

Stumbled upon this, I hope that you, your fans/ friends don't mind.

My email is

Best Regards,

L. Gervasio

doug said...

Hi Diane,

Finally meet you today at chiller and I must say it was awesome, you everthing and more of a wonderful person. Thanks for the autograph I drove 5 hours home through the snow and I must say not regrets meeting you today was priceless and I hope to see you again someday thanks for the hug your awesome Doug

Eldaran said...

Just wondering how good Diane's memory is :) I wrote a letter to Diane, well actually 2 of them when I was 15 and right about the time The Last American Virgin came out. She Sent me a photo each time. The first one was her leaning against a tree with her long curly hair falling down her back, the second one was a still from the movie Last American Virgin Standing next to her co star Steve Antin, she has a bandana rolled up wrapped around her head. I no longer have the photos unfortunately I was young and did not take care of them. I still remember what she wrote to me. I am older now but I still wish her the best in everything she chooses to do in life, I will never forget my first Hollywood crush, you were it Diane. I still think your the most beautiful actor in Hollywood. Best wishes and thank you for the kind words to a 15 year old who desperately needed it. Love Randall

Anonymous said...

I clicked Like on Facebook... noow how do I get Diane's book?

Bill Baker said...

Hi! I met Diane at the Chiller convention and we had a great chat, it was like she was an old friend! She showed me her book (Which looks great by the way!) and I was out of money and really want one. Please remind her to get in touch with me, tell her it's the "David Bowie" guy that she talked with, and she had me write my info in her notebook and I gave her my card (that promotes the Ace Frehley book I self published).

I have a great picture of us I'd love to pass on.

Thanks, Bill Baker