Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Hi Everyone!! Diane Here

Thank you so much for remembering my birthday! It means a lot to me:)I will be in Indianapolis, signing autographs and possibly my book (if it is finished) at HORRORHOUND convention? I will be there from Friday, March 25 to Sunday,March 27th and I think Lawrence Monoson will be there to for the LAV fans! It should be a lot of fun! go to HorrorHoundweekend.com for details. !!Thanks everyone, Love Diane x


Anonymous said...

Hi Diane - Happy Belated Birthday! I have a friend who lives in Indy that is attending the horror hound show. Im sure it will be a blast! I wish I could attend but know the I can't afford the trip out there at this time. I'll be sending him some money to get an autograph for me. Any word on if you will be attending the Chiller Theatre convention in Cherry Hill, New Jersey? The dates are April 29th through May 1st. I know you have an extremely busy schedule but all of us east coast fans really hope you and your agent will consider it! I look forward to someday getting this Better Off Dead poster signed by you.

All the best,

Jonathan said...

Hi Diane,
My family and I just got done watching 'Better Off Dead". What a GREAT movie! I remember my friend hanging out whatching the movie back when it came out on VHS. We all had huge crushes on you. Now I got a chance to introduce it to my family. My son (13) and daughter (9) were rolling. I said to them, "I told ya so!" after they complained about me bringing a "lame '80s movie" to watch. Thanks, Diane for the entertainment and we're going to check out some of your other movies.

Much Love,

Ric said...

Met Diane at Horrorhound this weekend. She was terrific. Had a great talk with her about Last American Virgin. She got out a bunch of photos that weren't already on her table for me to look through. Took a couple of pictures with her and Lawrence Monoson. Would love to see a Reunion convention appearance in the Midwest with as much of the cast together as possible.