Friday, 12 February 2010

Message from Diane to all her fans

To all of you who have wished me a Happy Birthday, I am truly touched! It is an honor to be remembered and have such caring fans. In addition, I met some wonderful fans at the Aero Theater in Santa Monica, CA recently,where I did a Q and A for "Better Off Dead", with director Steve Holland, actress, E.G. Daily and actor, Curtis Armstrong. It was so much fun seeing Savage, Curtis and E.G. again and hearing the audiences' laughter during the film! I even brought the original coat I wore in BOD for fans to try on while taking a picture with me! It was very popular and frankly looked great on women and men! I was very fortunate be chsen to play "Monique" and am very proud of the film! Upcoming news, I will be attending a special midnight screening of my first feature film "Last American Virgin" at the Beverly Cinema Theater, in Los Angeles on February 13th, 2010. I will be joined by some other members of the cast to open the movie at around 11:30pm. So, if you are interested, come early! Thank you again for visiting Mark's blog and sharing your comments with me!! Lots of Love, Diane


Anonymous said...

Well would yuo look at that last blog from Diane the eternal wonderful..spme artists use a paint brush..some use their words..i just love viewing proof of
live paintings..or in this case bloggings!
Thx 4 update Diane, come post again at 1st .


cristian said...

I'm in Argentina but I'm going to go big fan of yours

Anonymous said...


Well,look at that last blog from Diane, the eternal wonderful. Some artists use paint brushes,some use their words, and in this case > bloggings!
Thx 4 update Diane, come post again at 1st convienance.


Matt said...

There's one T.V. drama that I think Diane would do a fantastic job on... "Law And Order". It would be great to see her working on that show, especially as an attorney. It is to my understanding that a new series entitled "Law And Order: L.A." will be starting sometime in the near future. One can only hope that Diane will make an appearance on this new "Law And Order" series. -Matt

Mary said...

VH1CR on Comcast is showing the film, The Last American Virgin. I hope to see more of you on the big screen. 80's was the best decade ever...It must have been great to see the other casts from the movie! Such memories of that movie, I still get goosepumps when I see that movie!!! God Bless You