Monday, 19 October 2009


Dear Fans,

I hope you are all doing well! I had an idea and question I wanted to run by any of my fantastic fans who might be interested. The first question is this: would fans prefer a "book" memoir or a "DVD" memoir? It occurred to me in this day and age that a DVD may be more interesting because you see the actual performer talking about their lives, instead of words in a book that could be edited by someone else or perhaps not capturing the performer's cadence. The second question is this: I thought it might be a nice idea to include fans' questions with their name and city of residence. (With their written permission of course.) I certainly would not be even thinking of doing this if it were not for the really awesome fans who want to know. Please let me know what you think.

With Best Wishes,


KP said...

I would prefer the DVD so the story is told by Diane and not someone else. No changes or editing out parts. Plus we get to see Diane's smiling face. The fan questions are a great idea.

William Allison said...

KP, I couldn't have said it better myself :) The DVD is really the only way to go. Everyone will actually see Diane's amazing facial expressions unlike a book where the reader would have the image in their mind. I know a DVD would also double the interest as hearing your story in person is better then reading about it. The fan question is excellent as it again brings your fans closer to you.

Scott Hoffman said...

Honestly Diane, I would like to see both, dvd and book. Because, if the lights go out, we have a book to read too, lol! I do agree with the others though, KP and William. The dvd does bring us closer to you as far as your expressions and the fact that nothing is edited and the words are coming straight from you. Having a book also opens the doors to sharing the words on print and perhaps having cool artwork thrown in the book to go along with your story to make it interesting as well. Having a catching cover would catch the attention of readers as well as your fans. There are many ways you can go with this. I don't know if having both would be to much or if you think that is a good idea, but, your ideas would be best and most important Diane, to your interests. If you had both a book and a dvd, you could sell the dvd with the book and the fans would have a good read as well as a story from you on dvd. You could have a cd compartment built into the book..It is not done that often and would definitely get outside interests as well. I think in my opinion to have both options would make it more memorable. Not only do we get the amazing Diane Franklin dvd, but also memories in a book and pictures and art to go along with it. That is just my idea though Diane, I think you were a very colorful actress and very charismatic, I will leave that final decision to you. Anything that is best for you is the best way to go ultimataly. Still, I am very excited any which way your decision weighs out. Diane, I am always 100% in your favor and support you with the highest of respect.

Sincere Regards,

Scott Hoffman

Anonymous said...

I think your idea makes sence, although books could be the easiest preserved for posterity.


Anonymous said...

I would suggest both versions.
As mentioned below, it would be interesting to capture your facial expressions however never forget, a book is timeless which is exactly what the charactors you played were.

Thomas K
Las Vegas NV

Anonymous said...

The DVD is a wonderful idea. I would love to hear about her life first hand from one of my all time favorite actresses. I sure do hope that you do it Diane.

P.S. Is there any chance of Diane doing any east coast autograph conventions. I sure would love a chance to meet her.

Chris J said...

I have never posted anything before on a fan website but read some time ago that she was (or still is) profoundly deaf in one ear

I lost my hearing in one ear as a toddler as a result of multiple ear infections and through multiple surgeries (5 so far) and right now am just below normal in hearing.

If that truly is the case, I'm curious how she not only adapted to the condition but thrived in her career. Just curious...

Matt said...

I agree with Scott. The way I see it, either way it's a win/win situation. I guess the big question that remains is in regards to how much it would cost to do both. But if you can afford to release it in book form AND DVD, then all I have to say is YOU GO, GIRL! Best wishes -Matt

Matt said...

To Diane:
If you want to use my name along with the city that I live in, just contact CESD (if you haven't already). I sent two letters with my name and address on the envelopes. The second letter (the better one)also includes questions for your biography that aren't as vague as the question in the first letter... And yes, they are the SAME TWO QUESTIONS that I accidentally posted five times on Mark's site (I'm still embarassed about that).
Anyway, I hope that you're doing well and I hope that you have a great Summer. -Matt

Mary said...

Surely a DVD. Hope to see it!! I admire you! God Bless You!