Friday, 25 September 2009

Message From Diane

Dear Fans,
I just attended the Emmys with my daughter to support her (and my) favorite TV musicians: Flight of the Conchords! Although, they did not win, we wanted to show our support and cheer them on. Just as I appreciate all my fans caring enough to write to me, we wanted to do the same for them.
If you have not seen them check them out on "You Tube". They are so incredibly funny and talented! Also, I have just completed working on "The Adventures of Lass II". If I can get a good copy of these films (Adventure of Lass I & II), I will put them on "YouTube" and we can link them to the blog. I hope you are all well and I appreciate your creativity and care! Best Wishes, Diane


William Allison said...

Diane,love the new picture!! I would have to say all of your fans are appreciative of your updates to your life and for staying close with us. I for one am so enthused to hear about your projects on all levels. Please keep those updates coming!!! I can't wait to view
" The Adventures of Lass " You continue to be a breath of fresh air and a joy to the fans that absolutely adore you. Keep smiling and Thank-you for this update..Will

Scott Hoffman said...

That is just awesome to hear Diane.. I like that you are out there supporting your daughter..that is sweet :) It is awesome how you support your fans and update them on your status..most celebrities aren't like that..I consider you a celebrity, but also a human being. You treat people so nice and with upmost respect, you do great things for your community and your very gifted in the arts..You are just awesome all around. It is a pleasuer being able to get your updates as always. I can't wait to see "The Adventures of Lass" 1 and 2. Anytime I come across a movie I haven't seen that has you in it is always a REAL treat. I have yet to see "Deadly Lessons" but I am intent on seeing it. You deserve all the creativity that I have created for you throughout the last 6 years..I believe people are missing out on a fantastic talent when they haven't heard of you. Most of the time friends of mine or just people in general will see an art piece I have done of you and say "Oh, I remember her!!..She rocked!!" and I will say "Diane Franklin was a gem of the 80's!" Again I am greatful for these updates Diane..I am glad you and your family are well and I am always giving you 100% support..Your a fantastic woman.. :)

Your Friend and Artist Always,

Scott Hoffman

Anonymous said...

Hi- I have a dad who is a huge fan of Diane's and I would love to surprise him with a personally signed color headshot of her for his birthday. How can I obtain one.


John Fox

Joanne Brothers-was-Hajdu said...

Hey Diane - it's Joanne (yeah - Hajdu, remember? Got you a pet rock for your 13th(?) birthday LOL) just watched Business Time - the guys are very funny! I'll have to check out some more videos. How old is your daughter now? Would you believe Becca is 28? I moved to England not too long ago and while packing I found that Kiwi bird you got her! I just bought one of your mugs - nice idea! I still remember sitting in my kitchen while you practiced your accent before filming Better Off Dead - you were so worried but you nailed it! Oh I would love to get back in touch kiddo - lots to talk about - I am so glad to hear you are well and at work and enjoying life! The guy I am with is an audiologist (I thought you might appreciate that, LOL) - and does not believe I know you! We will be in San Diego in April and would love to drive up to meet ya for lunch. Email me! Take care sweets!

Mark said...

Joanne can you email me your email addy please thanks

cristian said...

Hola Diane soy un fan tuyo desde Argentina, siempre me has asombrado con tu talentoy obvio con tu belleza, solo queria pasar a saludarte ahora que tenes un blog para tus fans, en fin te dejo muuuuuchos besosss desde Buenos Aires Argentina y te dejo mi mail , espero tu saludo personal , estamos en contacto , hasta pronto idola !! much kissessss!

ezman said...

Diane, it's great to find this site after all these years, you look great!! I would love to join your fan club please send me the address. I look forward to viewing the updates on your career through this site.

I am enjoying watching your movies over again and reliving many fond memories of your wonderful performances. Take Care and God Bless.

p.s. please send fan club info

Mark said...

This is the fan club site matey, the only one endorsed by Diane herself and if you would like to buy some items from Dianes personal site the address is:

mike said...

diane -I enjoyed summer girl --i looked through the web sites -- can not find it to buy----help

Matt said...

To Diane:
I saw Flight Of The Conchords on YouTube the other night. They remind me of a trio that I used to go see back in the 90s called Deloris Telescope. They were incredibly talented and funny as well. I remember one night when DT were scheduled to perform and the bass player and the drummer didn't make it to the club on time, so the guitarist decided to use every pedal on his board to create what was the most incredible cacophony that I have ever heard to this day. And near the end of his masterpiece, the guitarist walked up to the microphone and yelled out "George Bush's New World Order" while creating the effect of missles falling and exploding with his Fender Strat to end the set.
As I watched the guitarist (named Casey) turn off his amp and leave the stage, I couldn't help but wonder if I had just witnessed pure musical anarchy at its finest.
Hope to hear from you soon. -Matt

Matt said...

CORRECTION: The band's name was "Delores Telescope". -Matt