Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Diane's next apperance

Hi everyone, I got a message off Brophtron (Thanks) reminding me that Diane is to appear at the Hollywood Collectors Show in February 2008. Unfortunatly I live in England and wont be able to make it, im gutted to say the least but if your going then please give her my love and take plenty of pictures for me, I might even use them on this site. Good times

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Anonymous said...

Well, I have to say I think Diane is a very good actress. I have seen her in a few films but The Last American Virgin is the best. I think it teaches so many life lessons about young teens. I watched it with my son the other day, he is 17 now, and we enjoyed it and it got him to thinking about good and bad choices. I sent her an e-mail on her web-site months ago but nothing come of it. I wanted to purchase an autographed photo but I don't trust the address of a two year out dated site when no one returns any message.

Good luck with your site,,at least someone cares,,but I don't think she does...even Brittany Spears talks to her fans.